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Overriding RoutedEventArgs.InvokeEventHandler Method

Overriding of the InvokeEventHandler method is a MUST when deriving custom RoutedEvent argument class from a descendant of RoutedEventArgs class! Let’s we want to derive our custom ClickEventArgs class from MouseButtonEventArgs to pass MouseButton information and some additional information on … Continue reading

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Generic DataTemplateSelector

Recently I have found nice blog post by Nick Zhebrun on how to create DataTemplateSelector in XAML. It requires two supporting types: GenericDataTemplateSelector deriving from DataTemplateSelector and containing the collection of GenericDataTemplateSelectorItem objects. GenericDataTemplateSelectorItem maps together a data item property … Continue reading

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Tricks to add WPF Custom Control badge to Visual Studio 2008 toolbox

When developing WPF Custom Control it could be intricate to add your custom control image to Visual Studio 2008 WPF designer toolbox. I hadn’t found instructions how to do that in MSDN and only fragmentary indications in forums. Strange, I … Continue reading

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