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OpenWPFChart library Beta 02 release uploaded

This release contains the following OpenWPFChart library project updates: Bezier spline control points calculation algorithm error fixed. Issues resulted in chart layout distortion on window resize in sample applications fixed. Descriptions of sample data file formats added. Regards,Oleg V. Polikarpotchkin … Continue reading

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OpenWPFChart library published

I’ve published OpenWPFChart library project at CodePlex. The library defines the object model and the set of base components (parts) to assemble Charts in Windows Presentation Foundation. Parts set is extensible so the developer can add its own new components. … Continue reading

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Draw Closed Smooth Curve with Bezier Spline

December 17, 2008 I posted an article on how to draw the smooth curve through the set of 2D points with Bezier drawing primitives. Yesterday I got a question on how to draw a closed curve in the same manner. … Continue reading

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